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Richard Blake

Richard Blake is an Actor known for NCIS: Los Angeles, Cold Case, CSI, Dragonball: Evolution, the indie biopic Snake & Mongoose, and the award winning indie film The Rocket. He founded the company Amberock Productions in 2016. He continues to work as an actor while writing, producing, and directing projects as well. Amberock Production's second film, Blame, screened at The Cannes Film Festival and received international distribution. Blake's next project, "The Actor" is set to release worldwide April 2024. 

White Structure

Amber MIchelle Blake

Amber has been a business manager and personal life coach since 2010. She has a deep passion for storytelling and bringing the right people together for any event or project. She has been a head casting director for feature films since 2016 and works administratively with Amberock Productions overseeing payroll, union contracts, and managing budget expenses. She is often the go to person on set for any unforeseen problems that may arise while in production. 

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